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Sample Policy Templates

Please note: these resources were produced to provide information to families and services in relation to the Child Care Quality Assurance systems which were replaced by the National Quality Framework on 1 January 2012. The information contained in these resources was current as at 15 November 2011. Please see information produced under the National Quality Framework for current recommendations in relation to quality child care.

Using the Policy Templates

The Policy Templates have been designed to be adapted by services. The following list identifies the different types of text in the policy templates:


The rationale represents a statement of reasons that detail why the policy and/or procedures have been developed and are important to the service.

If planning for an excursion that involves swimming (either at a pool or beach setting), the service must consider the style of swimwear and protective clothing children are wearing that reinforces sun protection practices.

This information is a suggested idea and not a policy statement or procedure.

Important: Services are not required to complete every section of the policy template if the information is not relevant to their daily practices. However, services must ensure that policies and practices meet the requirements of the relevant CCQA Quality Practices Guide.

Please note: Services may be required to develop additional policies to meet legislative or regulatory obligations. The 'Links to Other Policies' section of each policy template may include examples of other policies. The list is intended as a guide to continued best practice and may not be compulsory for all services.

Sample Policy Templates

Sample Behaviour Guidance Policy Template (Word 1395kb - New Window)

Sample Child Protection Policy Template (Word 110kb - New Window)

Sample Clothing and Comfort Policy Template (Word 109KB - New Window)

Sample Coordination Unit Support Visit Policy Template (Word 109KB - New Window)

Sample Dangerous Products Policy Template (Word 151KB - New Window)

Sample Diversity and Equity Policy Template (Word 200KB - New Window)

Sample Emergency Policy Template (Word 145KB - New Window)

Sample Employment of Child Care Professionals Policy Template (Word 219kb - New Window)

Sample First Aid Policy Template (Word 73kb - New Window)

Sample Food Safety Policy Template (Word 169kb - New Window)

Sample Grievances and Complaints Management Policy Template (Word 82kb - New Window)

Sample Healthy Eating Policy Template (Word 323kb - New Window)

Sample Hygiene and Infection Control Policy Template (Word 141kb - New Window)

Sample Illness Policy Template (Word 175kb - New Window)

Sample Immunisation and Health Related Exclusion Policy Template (Word 147kb - New Window)

Sample Maintenance of Buildings and Equipment Policy Template (Word 143kb - New Window)

Sample Medication Policy Template (Word 152kb - New Window)

Sample Occupational Health and Safety Policy Template (Word 222kb - New Window)

Sample Planning and Evaluating Children's Experiences Policy Template (Word 138kb - New Window))

Sample Privacy and Confidentiality Policy Template (Word 114kb - New Window)

Sample Rest and Sleep Policy Template (Word 223kb - New Window)

Sample Smoke Free Environments Policy Template (Word 69kb - New Window)

Sample Sun Protection Policy Template (Word 81kb - New Window)

Sample Supervision Policy Template (Word 157kb - New Window)

Sample Supporting Children's Individual Needs Policy Template (Word 150kb - New Window)

Sample Role of Carers' Families in Family Day Care Policy Template (Word 133kb - New Window)

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